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When a company thrives and grows for over 110 years, it says a lot about the way that company does business

At Beloit Box Board Company, we strive for the highest standards in our industry in everything we do – manufacturing, customer service, competitive pricing, and delivery time.


  • Consistent color/shade from order to order
  • Controlled variables and tolerances
  • Ability to meet critical customer specifications on sheet size and packaging
  • Ability to hold tolerances of caliper, basis weight and moisture
  • Guillotine cutting/converting to exact specifications
  • Custom-made pallets to fit sheet sizes
  • Option to single stack or double stack sheets on pallets
  • Frametops are placed on top of finished product to provide additional support in transport
  • Finished product is shrink wrapped and banded to the pallet

Click the following link to view an article about Beloit Box Board Co’s quality and attention to detail.

Finished Product

Package Boiler

Computer Controlled Sheeter on the Paper Machine

Paper Machine Dryer Section Closed Hood

Guillotine Paper Cutter

Press Section